A classy and elegant two-day wedding in Malaga

Henrik & Juliana

Este post está en inglés pues los clientes eran extranjeros. En mi apartado de bodas tienes otros reportajes de parejas españolas.

First contact

We were in the midst of confinement in 2020 when Marta, from “La Boda de Nicoletta” contacted us looking for a  wedding photographer who spoke English. We passed her our dossier and photographer web site, and soon after she indicated that the couple was interested in having us for ther elegant wedding in Malaga.
Henrik and Juliana are a Danish-German couple and are related to the textile industry. They were very clear about what they wanted, a long wedding (two days) with their family and close friends.

First wedding day: Relaxed location

The first day took place in the family home they have on the coast of Malaga, with the surroundings and rustic flavour taking on a leading role. Very relaxed atmosphere with light tones and fresh fabrics to withstand the sun and our land’s typical heat, all accompanied by plenty of wine and light cocktail to pass the day. Enlivened by the music of Trista and Ara Lee with acoustic style, then came the emotional moments with the different speeches of the couple and their families. For our part we were clear that we had to limit ourselves to a very photojournalistic style, documenting everything that happened interfering as little as possible.

Second wedding day: Elegant wedding

Providers and details

The second day was the elegant wedding itself, at Castillo de Santa Catalina in Málaga, with catering by Lepanto . It’s a place where we feel particularly comfortable and well appreciated. In addition to having photographed weddings there it has also been the location where we made a jewellery advertising campaign for José Luis Joyero and… the place where I got married in 2012!. It is a Moorish castle that was later renovated by the legendary Heredia-Loring family from Malaga, which mixes authenticity and tradition, a very special magic that not all venues have, as well as sea views. It has recently been remodelled to accommodate more rooms and transform it into a top category hotel.
As for the decoration, the bride was very clear that she wanted a lot of colour and this was reflected in the tasteful floral work of Las Flores de Reding, very well combined with the table linen and cutlery of EventOH! and under the expert supervision and coordination of La Boda de Nicoletta, the wedding planners who orchestrated all the suppliers. With strict etiquette protocol for all guests, the ceremony was held outdoors and the bride provoked true admiration among her guests as she entered dressed in the exclusive design by Annikamaria wedding dress and impeccable styling by La Réunion d’Amies and Loft Estilismo.

About the photos

We had a few minutes to take the formal photos that the couple wanted, with close family and all the guests, and then the couple photos that you can see below. We were looking for something simple but elegant at the same time, with special attention to the lighting to contribute to the glamorous touch that permeated everything related to this wedding. Also we had the in mind the colourful design and tried to respect the intense wedding palette while keeping skin tones and high contrast scenarios under control.

The rest of the day went by with lots of speeches from the couple and friends, live music and lots of joy and happiness. It ended with the cutting of the cake and a very lively open bar, much more dancey than usual.

Happy with the result and for our first time collaborating with the lovely girls of La Boda de Nicoletta and other providers you can see here just before the photos.




Wedding Planner:

La Boda de Nicoletta

Wedding Dress:

Annika Maria

Flower artist:

Las Flores de Reding

Cutlery & tablery:


Make up artist:

La Reunion d'Amies

Wedding celebrant:

Simone Lisa Kennedy

Hair Stylist:

Loft Estilismo

Chairs and tables:

Más que palets


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